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Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

Do you want to buy
or sell an Aircraft
Flyjet specializes in aircraft Sales and Acquisitions. If you are buying our team will go to all lengths to ensure you get the right aircraft most suited to your need, requirements and desires and at the price you want. If you are selling then we will ensure your aircraft is put in front of the right buyers at the right time. After all timing is everything. Contact us today to help you buy or sell your aircraft.
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Support Services

Advice, Support or Consultation
when you need

Have a Maintenance event you need support for, we have a team of dedicated Supervisory Engineers to ensure the maintenance runs on time and within budget.

Have a Operations issue and need support. Our Team are very experienced in dealing with operations issues such as billing, crewing, permits, planning and more. Just come to us and we will find a solution.

Just need some advice. Then come to us and we will be able to help. We want to improve the aviation and Sailing Space, by brining cost efficiency, reliability and transparency. If not through jus the purchase and sale but through the operation of the asset as well.

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let us plan everything for you
Flyjet has access to the widest variety of aircraft and Yacht’s globally. From Small Helicopters to small jets to larger business Jets all they way through to Airliners. This extends into the marine fleet from leisure cruisers to large yachts and ships. Please contact us today to get a competitive quote on your next trip needs.
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